Best way to get a website design at actual trends

Whatever site do you need, webdesign-studio will do it for you. Will make designs that meet your bussines, needs, and also the needs of your customers

About us //

We started our work in 2000 with the aim of providing profesional web design services for all sized businesses.

We are locate in the heart of Romania in Targu Mures. Yes that's right in Transilvania.

We whon't say chouse us because we are the best. To convince about that, just visit our portfolio and see our work.

Making superb websites for our clients is what we do best! We have the technical expertise, the eye for good design, and the enthusiasm to do a good job.

We explore the internet at full volume and devour all the latest trends. We learn about new ideas; this way we can ensure we will offering for our clients the most best solutions in a marketplace that is constantly growing and changing.

We won't just build a website and walk away - If you will need it we'll help look after it and improuve it, and as your business grows, we can make your website grow with it. The web is constantly evolving; good websites should evolve with it!

Our primary motivation is creating best designs for our customers, on time and on budget. That's the most important part of our business. No matter what's your requirements, and size of your company, we have the skills and knowledge to create a customized package that suits your needs.

On Time & On Budget. Do you have a design that simply requires converting to HTML, CSS? We will take your design and make all job for you. This service is for some Advertising Agencies, Marketing Agencies, Graphic Design firms and organisations with skills "in-house". Pricing of this service is proportional to the number of files requiring conversion and deadline.

Make an ideea that you can open an office for people relantionship - and you don't need to go there, or pay a man to stand there. You can control everything from your computer. You can responde to them very quikly and easy and you can be found from any corner of the world.

A beautiful design dos't have to be an expensive one. It ofen can be, no doubt about that. Graphic design is a highly technical and highly creative profession, requiring not only a steady hand and an artistic eye, but also understanding of the various tools offered by this generation's wide selection of graphic programs.

A creative web design solution needs to do more than just make your site look attractive.

You don't need to make your website with us, to have acces to our services. You can need a banner changed or a software box, or a flyer. Anything you will need just contact us and we will think and find for you the best solution that fits your needs.

Our Clients //

We have a lot of clinets all over the world. Most of them are from USA, Canada and Eastern Europe, but of course we have also from Asia and Australia.

There are clients that whant to remain "in the shadow" and don't allow that the work we'v made for them to appear in our portfolio. It's not a problem. In our portfolio are just the design project and links that our clients allow us to put here.

Thank's for trusting in our services and continous to work with us.

Will continue to work with the same dedication.