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Chousing a Web design company decide to chouse a company/firm to make your website. A very nice ideea, that bringh to you an increasing of your business. You can chouse from houndredt's of Web Design Company that are on web, but how you will know if it's the right company for your type of business? A wrong option will cost money, angry, no progress in your business, a bad image in your partner and clients eyes.

Here is a few mistake that you must think when you chouse your Web Design compny that make your website (your image on web):

1. I know a guy how is in the last year at the "Computer Univeristy" and will do it for me.

A lot of young teen are "expert" in art of makeing a website. The thinks are a little bit diffrent. WebDesign is like footbal: everybody knows to give with the leg in the ball, but no everybody plays in the chanpionship. To be a good designer dosen't meen to know the program that generate a webpage. You must have a large bag with knowlege, talent, imagination and how to promote the website. And problaby you "student guy" to have time and pacient to learn all this. If you will make the website with him you will have a anprofesional website.

2. It will be made by my employ that work on comupter over there. It's smart and it's pay to work.

In most cases your employer has exact atribution in your firm: he take care about the data base of the firm or the network from office. He hasen't time and knolege to make your website. But of course if is a command from the boss, he will try to make it fast. Will read a few books and learn how to make a website. Result.... some like precedent.

3. I will search on Internet some firms, I ask thers offer and chouse the cheeper.

The first part of the sentence it's right (searching on Internet it's efficient), but the second part of the sentence has some traps. And where is a trap, like my uncle say: "Run like your runing from devil". In WebDesign like in all others domain, when you chouse the cheeper offer, you chouse the poor service. If you are not a specialist, it's hard to appreciate if the services are good or not. And then when you don't have another solution your eye will see just the cheepest offer. You must know a nice website you can get with low costs. The firms that make your website for a low price usualy has this level. It's true: if you chouse a firm with a low price you will have a website and you will pay a litle. But that money will be just money throw up to the window.

4. My internet provider, make me a nice offer.

Problaby your internet provider is a company with reputation and sell computer equipment at highes class and give you a higt speed conection to the internet, but this is a whrong reason to chouse it for a website design job.

It's "trandy" if a the company has activity with computers or internet to include in his offer Website Design. Many people think "if the offer it's bigger it's the best". There's no guaranty that a firm that sell high class computers, has same offer for WebDesign. Make a samll ---calcul---a website cost 150$-700$ ~ and can be madein two weeks, time whe the firm will sell 10-20 computers/day. And now the logic: will be this firm interest to dedicate totaly in the designing of the website at the standards? Or will be interest to the activity that brings more money, and let the webdesign in the secont place?


What is a website ?

A website is a colection of documents (like your word documents). Unlike this, the documents that construct your website (web pages) are not independace. This are linked one with eachother.

The webpage are created with HTML. In the back of each web page stay the HTML code of the page. With the help of the HTML in pages can be introduce texts, images, links to other websites, lists, tables or forms.


HTML. All pages are made with html. This is not an programing language. With him the coder say what elements will be in the website, with help of keywords that coles tag-s. Near HTML, at the build of the webpages can be use others languages or technologis.

CSS. This is from Cascading Style Sheet. It separate the content from it's presentation on the screen. CSS can format all ements from a webpage and can be easy change whe you need it. For example we can made all titles from a website to be black and 10px. After a white we whant to change the color to orange. We just need to modify a line in the css and all titles from all page of the website will change. It's web standard and good for seo.

Flash. It is usualy use for animation and website with animation, sounds, mouvie. This can be use togheter with HTML or can be use independing. In full Flash websites are just a few tags in html that bring the flash aplication. The problem is it loads very hard on dial-up conection, and is very very bad read by search engine. Not good for website that needs visitors and SEO. In other way can be mixed with the html: the website it's made with html and animation it's made with flash.

Javascript. Unlike HTML this is a programing language. It is used with HTML. In HTMl can be introduce programs (scripts) write in Java Script. Are used for: pop-up windows, dinamic menus, images viewing, scroll texts, form validation. Java Scipt is a client-side language. This meen the Javascript are run by client (browser).

PHP and MySql. PHP is a programing language. Is what it name a server-side language are run by server. PHP it's used to make application like a: virtual shop, catalog, forum, search engine. It is used offen with MySql. MySql is a sistem of data bases created for internet. With him can be created complex data bases that can be interpreted by PHP programs.


Promote your website

Investment create a big preasure at the small firms/company, and they must find a way to promote thers products and services. In war to survive and grow, this firms try to use diffrent methods like magazins, TV spots; and they just need to try online promotion. For a lot of small firms, the online promoting using internet is a hard way. But it's the cheapest way to promote business.


  • Cheap and long time marketing strategies.
  • New market place.
  • Low costs - online comunication.
  • Content is online "forever" and can be easy changed.
  • Efficiency - clients can be learn to buy from websites.


  • Dificulty to attract clients - because are a lot of firms that promote the same products
  • Sellers and Buyers are isolated - there is no direct contact to close a tranzaction.


A bad website

When you are surfing the Web, you probably only think about one thing when you look at a Web site: whether or not it's fun. Some of the website authors are wondering why there is a few visitors visit their site.

Here are some tips to avoid you from creating a bad website:

Before developing the website you have to planned first. Make a story board that will be your guide in developing the site. You must arrange the hierarchy of the most important links in the main page.

Most importantly, you must create a home page that presents a professional image to the world. Your home page would be the gateway to your site. It must look like a road map, the index and the table of contents that tells the visitors where to find the information they need to make them stay at your site. It would be the mirror of your company or organization. So, if the design is not good, that will be the the first impression to your company.

You have to figured out what are the important elements should be included on the page. It must have a unique and interesting content. You have to know who are your target audience and what are the things that will get the attention of your visitors. You have to think of something new and unique on your content to convince your visitors to stay.

Put significant information in your site to give them a useful information that is appropriate in your site. You should be able to tell why a website exists, and what information it's trying to provide. If the purpose of the website is confusing or unclear, that is a good sign that you should look for a different site. The word must be spell correctly.

The design must be clean and stunning look that will impress your visitors. The design must depend on the kind of services that your site are offering. Avoid using of blinking text that will irritate the eyes of your visitors. Avoid also many graphics or images that will take long to load your page because some visitors maybe bored in waiting for your page to load. Use the text color that will be visible to your readers.

Your site must be easy to navigate. The buttons must be consistent on its size and design. Using buttons with different colors and sizes looks unprofessional. Make sure that when you put the buttons on top of the home page, they are on the top of every other page.

The site must be indexed by the search engines so you have to consider the successful page optimization so that your site will be given the chance to rank on the search engine. In order for your site to be sited by many client or visitors your site must get a rank from search engine. Read some information about Search Engine Optimization to have an idea on what will you going to do on your site.

Always update your home page so that the visitors will always see new stuff or different from your site when they visiting your site. This will cause them to visit your site frequently.


Colors in web design

Black: Evil, self-confidence, power, strength, death, sophisticated, designer, formal, conservative, serious, mysterious, sexy, mourning, rebellion, elegant, night, illegal, wicked, intensity, mature, advanced, fashionable, stylish, chic, and trendy.

Blue: Patriotism, stability, power, trustworthiness, conservative, water, coolness, fun, cold, defeat, trouble, calm, strong, steadfast, light, friendly, confident, safe, corporate, intelligence, unity, sad, depression, old-fashioned, mourning, richness, superiority, truthful, loyal, faithful, noble, scholarly, unexpected, harmony, unity, clean, and technology.

Green: Nature, environment, money, wealth, family, harmony, health, peace, posterity, soothing, relaxing, springtime, youth, humor, fun, happiness, life, growth, jealousy, envy, novice, restful, calming, balance, stability, summer, organic, recycled, plants, trees, fertility, fresh, good luck, and vigor.

Brown: Warmth, comfort, steady, conservative, earthy, natural, nature, down-to-earth, wholesomeness, simplicity, friendliness, dependability, health, honesty, old, and aged.

Grey: Stylish, chic, elegant, classy, fresh, innovative, modern, futuristic, technology, spacious, fashionable, soft, airy, high-tech, sleek, neutral, conservative, smart, designer, trendy, light, open, state-of-the-art, impartial, calm, comfortable, peaceful, and relaxed.

Orange: Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, nature, earth, warmth, energy, flamboyant, energetic, sun, stimulating, health, sociable, friendly, citrus, balance, enthusiasm, vibrant, fertility, fire, luxury, heat, and activity.

Pink: Passion, romance, love, innocence, soothing, relaxing, fresh, sensuous, restful, tranquilizing, marriage, healthy, happy, sweet, nice, playful, good health, life, sexuality, purity, gratitude, appreciation, feminine, fun, free.

White: Cleanliness, purity, life, stability, trustworthy, peace, happiness, cold, marriage, goodness.

Yellow: Nature, earthy, warmth, fun, sun, summer, illumination, inspiration, energy, hazard, warning, emergency, sunshine, happiness, joy, cowardice, deceit, cheerful, excitement, healthy, hope, support, laid back, spring, and relaxed.

Rainbow: Diversity, multiculturalism, fantastic, light, happy, friendly, cheerful, fantasy, God, promise, gold, magical, peaceful, pride, energy, power, comfort, fun, joy, enthusiasm, creativity, and perky.


Browsers Wars. In the begining was two - BOUTH SUCKED

In 90's, Netscape fighting with Microsoft for the prize "Most Used Browser" and Microsoft gave Netscape's browser a major beating and Netscape allmost disappeared off the radar. You will think that Netscape lost the war because the IE (Internet Explorer) was the better browser - and it's true becouse the Netscape 4.0 was really bad. The reality is that IE win because is part of OS Windows.

Web Standards. So with Netscape practically dead, IE win over the market with 98%. In meantime, a gang of man decide to push the official "web standards" that none of the browsers supported very whell. The Web Standards Project was formed because it had become a pain for the web designers to create good looking websites that worked with used browsers. The "Web Standards" are basicaly making it official how web browsers should read and understand web pages. It's very important that all browsers work the same way so webdesigners hair don't become white.

For wears IE has been left unchallenged, but in the last yers IE has actualy been losing significant ground in the browser war. IE drop from 97% to 76.3%! (2005). Now the fact are a "little" bit diffrent (the statistics are rom February 2007):

  • Internet Explorer +6 - 52%
  • FireFox (Mozilla before 2005) - 31.2%
  • Opera - 1.5%
  • Netscape (Mozilla after 2006) - 1.4%
  • Maxthon - 1.1%

Browsers that count for less that 1% are not listed.

OS Platform Statistics. Windows XP is the most popular oprating sistem. The windows family counts for nearly 90%.

  • Windows XP - 76.1 %
  • Windows 2000 - 7.4%
  • Windows 98 - 0,7%
  • Windows Vista - 1.2%
  • Linux - 3.5%
  • Mac - 3.8%

Why IE losing ground? Educated users, IE security issues, Others Browsers are freakin fast. IE dominate just because come with Windows and people used just because was there. Now the people knows to use computer and internet, and they are starting to look at others options.


Domains boom or burst

"Dot Com Crash"

Everything that goes up must come down, as the saying goe... It started one morning in May in 2000, with colossal losses in listed stocks on Nasdaq, closely followed by each of the relevant local markets around the world. One of the flow-on effects was one of massively reduced new domain name registrations, followed by a delayed but equally colossal fall in the number of domain renewals around the world.

According to sources within the domain name registration and renewal industry, this severly affected domain name registrations, domain renewals and domain redelegation to the point where domain companies were required to scale back their operations considerably, planning for survival rather than growth.

Domains Resurrection. When all the dust settled, people and business alike finally started to work out that the very same properties that had lead to the impressive growth in domains still held true, and slowly colour started to return to the cheeks of domain registration companies worldwide. Domain name registration growth has reflected this overall mood and returned to healthy levels as users around the world both register and renew domains that are used for many different purposes.

Domains Dos and Don'ts. Many people have since realized that domain names can be used sensibly, practically, cleverly and creatively to deliver a clear and accurate branding message and facilitate business or even personal communications. Just in case people have missed all the fun until now, below is a list of some simple Dos and Don’ts that should enable an individual, whether it they are starting a new business, registering a business or business concept, or just improving the branding of an existing company to select an appropriate domain name.


  • - Keep your domain name as short as possible
  • - Try to avoid initials in your domain name (they mean nothing to people or search engines)
  • - Keep your domain as close to your company name as possible
  • - Look at your competitors’ domains to get a feel for how they have chosen them
  • - Make a list (you may find that your choices have already been taken)
  • - Bounce your domain name off friends and/or service providers you trust
  • - Keep your expectations realistic (one domain does not a fat bank account make)


  • - Go for the record of the longest domain name unless that’s exactly what you intend to achieve
  • - Rush! No one is going to leap in and get that domain name that will make you a million overnight (and it won’t anyway - don’t blame me...)
  • - Give up. Online success takes perseverance and patience but the time and effort you put in should pay off

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Flash Intros

"A bad think that we need"

At a seminar that I gave last winter, I told a group of marketing people that if they were considering Flash Intros that they should seriously reconsider this choice. About half of the group had "uh oh" looks on their faces and put their heads down. They had all planned Flash Intros and had no idea why these intros are a huge mistake.

Flash intros are the bane of users. Users hate waiting for them to load and about 90% of users skip them anyway. Whenever I see a Flash Intro, I bail out of the site because I don't want to wait for the site to load. This means you are losing site traffic right away and users aren't ever getting an opportunity to view your products or services pages. We always tell our clients not to use them because, besides being usability nightmares, they usually cost quite a bit and don't add any value to your site.

Perhaps the only audience who actually watches these things are marketing people. That's because these pieces are vanity spots touting a company's value. Your users aren't marketing people and your Flash Intro is not going to convince them to buy your products or services. Plus, users have seen so many of these in the '90s that they are no longer cool.

Do your bottom line and your users a huge favor and don't add a Flash Intro to your site. Your traffic will improve dramatically and so should your sales and leads.

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Using Templates

Designing a website can be a daunting time consuming task. Many people hire professional web designers to avoid the hassle. Unfortunately, web designers can be very expensive, and for those just starting out or those looking for a cost effective solution, templates can be the answer. Although, free templates are available on the internet, they can be also be costly.

Free Templates May Not Be Your Best Choice. There are millions of free templates readily available on the internet. The problem can be that many do not look very professional. Would you really want to use a template on your website that screams "amateur"? I really doubt it. Most webmasters want their websites to look professional, clean and sometimes maybe even a little cool.

Although, many HTML editors, like XSitePro, come with many free templates. These templates are a much higher quality and don’t scream beginner, plus they are designed to work with your specific HTML editor. There is an issue with these too though, and that is they may leave your website looking like many other websites. It can be very alarming if you come across a website that looks just like yours. One possible solution is to alter the template enough that it becomes unique and only you will have it.

Low Priced Templates. You can expect a higher quality template when you have to pay for it. The higher quality is usually due to the fact that a professional designer has created the template, this helps to keep the price low. This creates a win win situation for everyone as the consumer receives an economical price, the designer can sell as many different designs and never have to deal with the customer, and the company selling the template can sell the template as many times as they wish.

So everyone is happy and more importantly the website owner purchases a professional looking template that is reasonably priced.Of course this there can be pit falls too. As more and more entrepreneurs are creating websites and purchasing low priced templates, you may run into the same problem of too many people using the same template as you. This will be more of a problem if you purchase a template from a website that sells millions of them. Although if you choose your template carefully you may just end up with professional design that won’t leave you broke.

One Of A Kind Templates. The websites that sell inexpensive templates have come to the realization that many people don’t want to see their template being used on another website, so they now offer another option, exclusive templates. Exclusive templates have become very popular among websites that sell templates.

Even though exclusive templates have become very popular, they may not be the best option for you. Before purchasing an exclusive template from a website you should really get a few quotes on having one professionally designed for you. You may just find that it will be a better fit and more cost effective to pay a designer to create the template that you want, instead of choosing a pre-made one.


Your Webmaster

"Tips for a good relationship"

Your webmaster (or more accurately, your web designer) is an important part of your web team. So it is more than worth your time and effort to build a strong relationship with him or her. Here are five things you can do to keep the lines of communication open between you and your webmaster.

1.Be specific in your requests. He can't read your mind. If you don't tell him exactly what to do and how you want it to work, you'll be disappointed. The first round of communication is dependent on you.

Specifics include colors you like (either by color code or an example from another site), graphic styles you prefer (based on a graphic you can point to), the way a page functions. Include URLs for the examples and don't be shy about including more than required.

2.Keep an open channel. Use an email address you check frequently. Respond to her questions quickly. She's "into" your project now. If she has to wait 3-4 days to get answers, she'll have to start working on someone else's project in the meantime. Then it takes her longer to get back to your project. The poor workflow slows everyone down.

As an alternative to an email address, consider an Instant Messenger account. Depending on the times of day that you and your web designer are working - and whether you're both awake at the same time - email may be more efficient.

My web designer and I are 12 hours apart, so he's awake when I'm asleep, and vice versa. However, when we're working on a quick turnaround project, I'll stay up later so we can exchange emails about the project more frequently. And when I'm turning in for the night, I always send a message to that effect so he won't be expecting a quick response.

3.Keep an open mind. No one is perfect. Your webmaster should feel free to ask you questions, even if it might appear that he knows less than you thought. That's not generally the case; instead, he's asking for clarification. Or information.

It's not unusual for my webmaster to email me to ask if I know of a resource that does "xyz." Or he'll tell me he's not the person to do that task; that I need to look for someone who can do "abc." That feeling of "you're okay, even if you don't know everything" is very important to open communication.

4.Say thank you. Just a short thank you in response to exceptionally fast turnaround or a great job or a surprisingly wonderful job goes a long way.

And if you're willing to share, refer others to your web designer. She'll appreciate the additional business and will be extra careful to give you continued great service in exchange for more referrals.

5.Pay promptly. When you first work with a web designer, they may ask for payment up front or immediately after finishing the job. Don't wait two weeks to pay them. They need their money now. They should provide you with a link for payment, so use it quickly.


Chousing your domain name

Booking a domain name and getting a website going is quite cheap and easy today. However, what people often neglect to consider is that the domain name is not just a web address but actually a part of the brand identity of a business. You cannot simply pick up any name that sounds good and go with it. You need to think in terms of brand image and how to help that image grow before settling on domain name.

A brand is more than just a name. A brand identifies your business and lets the world know who you are, what you do, what you represent, what you stand for, and so on. It is essentially a small communication that speaks a lot so it is important to pick the right domain name. The key thing is for a brand to be memorable. The easier it is to remember and associate with certain things the better it will work. This is why brand names do not use articles like "The" or "A" and avoid hyphenation. They are single words that are easy to remember.

The .com extension is desired universally but you should seriously consider other examples. For example, if your business is such that never at any time will you have a customer outside the United States (example) then why not consider a .us domain instead of .com?

Think of the customers who will need to remember the domain name more than what you like and you will make a better choice.

Try to avoid hyphens wherever possible. Resumewritersdotcom is better than resume-writersdotcom. If you use hyphens, your potential visitors may not, and may end up at a competitor’s website. That is why you should not use a TLD (top level domain) if the .com version has been taken. Many people just add .com as a matter of course, so if you have a site, people looking for your website will possibly end up at a competitor's.It is better to find another domain name. If ressumewritersdotcom and resume-writersdotcom are both available, take them both. That stops a competitor from being confused with your website.

On the subject of the TLD, .com is far preferable to any other. .net, .org and .info are probably the next best three, but if you can get a .com domain name then you should snap it up. Many people will remember the name of your website without paying too much attention to the ending. Others will type into their browser what seems to be an appropriate website name for what they are looking for then add .com, since that is they think websites should finish. So .com should be the order of the day!

If you find that all of the names you can think of are taken, then you will likely have to carry out some keyword research. Using a keyword tool such as the Google keyword tool, enter the name of your primary product or service. Not the trade name, but the name of what you trade in, for example "resume writing".

Choosing a domain name is not the simple task you might have though that it was. It is not how to choose a domain name that is difficult, but the fact that with every passing minute another twelve domain names or more are registered. Domain name choice is easy: registering your choice is not.


Search Engine Optimiztion

"SEO - A greate source of Traffic"

If your web site does not make it to the initial pages of the search engine results than all those flashy and colored pages of your web site are of no use. All the effort and the money that you have spent in making your web site are in vain. It is very important to make your web site search engine optimized if you want to get great returns of building a web site for your company.

The amount of traffic that is generated using search engine optimization or SEO is incomparable. Any other method may it be social networking, media publicity or press releases cannot compete with SEO. SEO is the best and the fastest way to boost traffic to your web site. The reason behind SEO being the most successful means of generating traffic is that ninety percent of the people use search engines to find for a product or a service. If your web site ranks high on a search engine results page than the visitors who would be diverted to your website will be large. One the other hand if your website is not search engine optimized than the search engine spiders will not be able to recognize your web site for a particular search, which may be relevant to your web site.

Getting SEO traffic is easy if you construct your web site according to the requirements of the search engine. Making your web site search engine friendly gives great returns in terms of revenue. SEO is the best strategy of marketing that is being employed presently to get good traffic web sites.

Search engine optimization is the science and art of making web pages attractive to search engines.

Next time you run an internet search look at the bottom of the page. Chances are good that there will be a list of page numbers (normally written in blue) for you to click if you can not find exactly what you are looking for on the first page. If you actually look farther then the second page you will part of a minority. Studies and research have shown that the average internet user does not look farther then the second page of potential hits. As you can imagine it's very important to websites to be listed on the first two pages.

Webmasters use a variety of techniques to improve their search engine ranking.

Search engines rely on a little device called a web crawler to locate and then catalog websites. Web crawlers are computer programs that browse the World Wide Web in a methodical, automated manner. Web crawlers are also sometimes called automatic indexers, web spiders, bots, web robots, and/or worms. Web crawlers locate and go to a website and "crawl" all over it, reading the algorithms and storing the data. Once they have collected all the information from the website they bring it back to the search engine where it is indexed.

In addition to collecting information about a web site some search engines use web crawlers to harvest e-mail addresses and for maintenance tasks. Each search engine has their own individual web crawlers and each search engine has variations on how they gather information.